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The parametrization can be visualized by printing cutoff values at the corresponding curve positions, or by coloring the curve according to cutoff. It also offer the possibility to simulate PET data. Lau Title: Dunnett-Tukey-Kramer Pairwise Multiple Comparison Test Adjusted for Unequal Variances and Unequal Sample Sizes Description: Functions for conducting and plotting Dunnett's modified Tukey-Kramer pairwise multiple comparison test accounting for unequal variance and unequal sample sizes. Diff between tm versions 0.5 dated 2009-09-10 and 0.5-1 dated 2009-10-27 DESCRIPTION | 8 ---- R/meta. Curves from different cross-validation or bootstrapping runs can be averaged by different methods, and standard deviations, standard errors or box plots can be used to visualize the variability across the runs. Rd | 8 ---- 6 files changed, 16 insertions( ), 16 deletions(-) Title: Simulation and Reconstruction of PET Images Description: This package implements different analytic/direct and iterative reconstruction methods of Peter Toft. Rd | 13 - 7 files changed, 70 insertions( ), 36 deletions(-) Package DTK updated to version 3.0 with previous version 2.1 dated 2009-03-05 Author: Matthew K. Rd | 140 ------------------------- 6 files changed, 196 insertions( ), 195 deletions(-) Package tm updated to version 0.5-1 with previous version 0.5 dated 2009-09-10 Author: Ingo Feinerer Title: Text Mining Package Description: A framework for text mining applications within R. R | 860 ------- inst/doc/| 276 -------- inst/doc/| 902 ------------------------- man/Laurasiatherian. Due to limits on the number of markers that can be considered simultaneously the method is generally applied separately to each chromosome or could be iteratively applied to sets of chromosomes using fixed sets of predictors from other chromsomes when analysing a given chromosome. Rnw | 2 - inst/doc/BHH2|binary inst/doc/auto |only man/ff Des Matrix. In the meantime, enjoy the pent-up listing of fifty-five new entries and sorry about the service interruption. Permanent link Package phangorn updated to version 0.99-3 with previous version 0.99-2 dated 2009-07-21 Author: Klaus Schliep Title: Phylogenetic analysis in R Description: Phylogenetic analysis in R (Estimation of phylogenetic trees and networks using Maximum Likelihood, Maximum Parsimony, Distance methods & Hadamard conjugation) Diff between phangorn versions 0.99-2 dated 2009-07-21 and 0.99-3 dated 2009-10-30 Change Log | 19 DESCRIPTION | 10 NAMESPACE | 5 R/phylo.

R | 9 inst/doc/Lego Cond |binary inst/doc/|binary inst/doc/|binary inst/doc/coin_|binary inst/documentation/html/Classes_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Classes_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Classes_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Classes_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Helpers_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Helpers_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Helpers_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Helpers_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Linear Statistic_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Linear Statistic_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Linear Statistic_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Linear Statistic_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Streitberg Roehmel_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/Streitberg Roehmel_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/coin__common_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/coin__common_8| 2 inst/documentation/html/dir_551893842a8579748e8cac726fc2| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/functions_| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 12 inst/documentation/html/globals_| 12 inst/documentation/html/globals_| 2 inst/documentation/html/graph_| 2 inst/documentation/html/| 2 inst/documentation/html/structcel | 2 inst/documentation/html/structcel | 4 inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8| 174 ----- inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8| 98 -- inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_|only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_|only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_|only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_|only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_|only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/html/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_|only inst/documentation/latex/dir_551893842a8579748e8cac726fc2aaac_| 16 inst/documentation/latex/| 4 inst/documentation/latex/| 2 inst/documentation/latex/structcel | 2 inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8| 50 - inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_|only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_18f96560e9861316db1121e8fe69ef07_|only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_|only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_6bee1e9d657a3174d5a2ecafac2b1d6e_|only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_|only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_cgraph.md5 |only inst/documentation/latex/vande Wiel_8c_b36f32483d67f870c4dca34aac14f5b9_|only inst/documentation/man/man3/Classes.c.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Classes.h.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Helpers.c.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Helpers.h.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Linear Statistic.c.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Linear Statistic.h.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/Streitberg Roehmel.c.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/_home_hothorn_projects_svn_Rpkgs_trunk_coin_src_.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/cel W.3 | 4 inst/documentation/man/man3/coin_common.h.3 | 2 inst/documentation/man/man3/vande Wiel.c.3 | 26 - src/vande Wiel.c | 30 - tests/Examples/coin-Ex. R | 15 TODO | 17 inst/CITATION | 10 inst/doc/sv Unit. Moore Title: Block, assign, and diagnose potential interference in randomized experiments Description: Blocks units into experimental blocks, with one unit per treatment condition, by creating a measure of multivariate distance between all possible pairs of units. Since particles are repeatedly copied, it is not an especially efficient implementation. Diff between wasim versions 1.0 dated 2008-12-17 and 1.1 dated 2009-10-28 wasim-1.0/wasim/R/direction.error.

Functions for tests of bias, forest and funnel plot. Description: This is a suite of tools designed to test and improve the accuracy of statistical computation, including: Summarization of the sensitivity of linear and non-linear models (lm, glm, mle, nls) to measurement and numerical error; Sensitivity analysis of dozens of models as run through Zelig; A generalized cholesky method for correcting non-invertable Hessians; Tests for the global optimality of non-linear regression and maximum likelihood results; Tools for obtaining true random numbers using entropy collected from the system and/or entropy servers on the internet; A method for converting floating point numbers to normalized fractions; Benchmark data for checking the accuracy of basic distribution functions. Diff between spgrass6 versions 0.6-9 dated 2009-09-05 and 0.6-11 dated 2009-10-30 = 1.3.1) and access to projection/transformation operations from the PROJ.4 library. R | 1 inst/Change Log | 9 -- src/| 18 ------- 8 files changed, 36 insertions( ), 16 deletions(-) New package gcolor with initial version 1.0 Package: gcolor Type: Package Title: Provides an Inequation Algorithm Function and a solution to import DIMACS files. Data is assumed to be from a QTL mapping family with DNA markers genotyped along the genome.

Diff between rsm versions 1.20 dated 2009-10-20 and 1.21 dated 2009-10-30 DESCRIPTION | 6 R/contour-lm. Rnw | 594 ---------------------------- inst/doc/|only inst/doc/|only inst/doc/|binary 7 files changed, 310 insertions( ), 304 deletions(-) Title: Meta-Analysis with R Description: Fixed and random effects meta-analysis. Mc Donald Title: Tools for testing and improving accuracy of statistical results. Both the R interface and Weka itself are contained in the RWeka package. Diff between RWeka versions 0.3-22 dated 2009-10-18 and 0.3-23 dated 2009-10-30 Package spgrass6 updated to version 0.6-11 with previous version 0.6-9 dated 2009-09-05 Author: Roger Bivand Title: Interface between GRASS 6 geographical information system and R Description: Interpreted interface between GRASS 6 geographical information system and R, based on starting R from within the GRASS environment, or running free-standing R in a temporary GRASS location; the package provides facilities for using all GRASS commands from the R command line.

Missing values are estimated by multiple imputation, and estimates of marker effects can be obtained conditional on selection or unconditional and free of selection bias. Rd | 6 src/Makevars | 2 src/| 2 30 files changed, 1328765 insertions( ), 1319346 deletions(-) Package r WMBAT updated to version 2.0 with previous version 1.0 dated 2009-09-21 Author: Karl Kuschner, Qian Si and William Cooke, College of William and Mary, Dept.

Additionally, we allow for prior probabilities based on expected numbers of QTL per genome and options to control the size of models considered, and to allow for selectivly genotyping from the tails of the phenotypic distribution. Rnw | 2185 inst/doc/bard | 96 inst/doc/bard | 32 inst/doc/bard | 21 inst/doc/bard | 62 inst/doc/bard | 702 inst/doc/bard |803365 ---------------------- inst/doc/bard | 421 man/BARD.package.

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ROCR is a flexible tool for creating cutoff-parametrized 2D performance curves by freely combining two from over 25 performance measures (new performance measures can be added using a standard interface). R |only RImage J-0.1-142/RImage J/DESCRIPTION | 18 --------- RImage J-0.1-142/RImage J/R/ij.r |only RImage J-0.1-142/RImage J/R/on Load. Rd | 3 - RImage J-0.1-142/RImage J/man/RImage J-package. R | 61 -------- inst/java/|binary launcher/macosx/JGR_App.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj | 8 - launcher/macosx/main.c | 4 - man/supplements. R | 15 ----------- inst/NEWS | 6 inst/doc/extensions.