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He gravitated toward Merlin's Magic Shop in Fantasyland, where he learned tricks as "a way to get onstage without having to sit down and write an act," he says.In college he majored for a time in philosophy, which should come as no surprise to fans of his bizarrely cerebral comedy.The acting plans didn't work out for Martin's dad, Glenn, who went into real estate and seemed to take his frustrations out on his son, alternately ignoring and criticizing the boy.Wanting to get out of the house, Martin found his first job at age 10, selling guidebooks at Disneyland.Oh, yes, he's written plays, too — including a new comedy about marriage, Meteor Shower.

After attending the premiere of The Jerk, Glenn commented, "Well, he's no Charlie Chaplin." It was only in the 1990s, when Martin wrote his first full-length play, that his father became a fan — perhaps because as a nonplaywright, he didn't feel threatened by his son's success.But this time, he seems to have found a new kind of fulfillment.MARTIN IS RESERVED by nature, so talking to him is not easy, and he doesn't try to make it easier.Game show nostalgists everywhere were dealt a crushing blow Tuesday when Jim Lange, the original host of “The Dating Game,” died at the age of 81.“The Dating Game,” which took off in the mid-’60s and flowered into the mid-’70s, was the show that launched a thousand imitators, from “The Bachelor” to “The Newlywed Game.” On the show, a bachelorette would be hidden behind a wall, where she would ask three young men, prospective dates, questions about themselves. “ When the embarrassed yucks were muddled through, the bachelorette chose her favorite bachelor, and the happy couple were sent on a date (always with a chaperone, and often to some far-off, exotic locale).

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It's the first time in all these years, Martin says, that he has truly loved performing.