Who is roxy dating on bet

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Who is roxy dating on bet

Raquel Roxanne "Rocsi" Diaz (born 17 November 1981), also known as just Rocsi, is a Honduran-born, American television and radio personality and model.She is best known as the co-host on the BET program 106 & Park from 2006-2012.With that said and with all the drama pushed to the side, what are your thoughts on Miss Rocsi's future and was she right for stepping away after being "mistreated?

I wish with huge betting something more could be earned, but I general thumbs up.

Mostly, you have to win a huge amount of money, so winning will take a long time.

Model looks really nice, and the setting fits well with the blackjack game.

Also good that you can split and double-down in this one. The profits should be directly proportional with the game progress.

Only negative point is that it is difficult to see the pictures, the camera doesn`t move enough for some pictures and there`s a lot of stuff in the way even when you`re looking at the pictures after you finish the game. Only draw back I have is the are you place bets and and play hide parts of the model when you get further into the game but all in all it`s a great tease and great game. When splitting, I was able to reach 25 from 5 cards after busting with 3, and my hand still counted as winning against her 20. First, the girl goes from "first time playing blackjack with aweful luck" to "grandmaster with a rabbit`s foot." However, that`s all cool, because how much you bet does not matter at all in the game.

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I enjoy the blackjack, especially because it stayed real blackjack.