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Paul faced the daunting task of calling the attention of the entire church to the infectious teaching that was undermining gospel preaching.

He knew clearly where he stood on the gospel, for he had received it by "a revelation of Jesus Christ." His concern was for the balance of the church, as to whether or not they were falling prey to the influence of the law-minded Judaizers.

We must be unwavering in the message of the gospel.

(Galatians 2:1-10 Affirming the Gospel Message) Then - Let me digress for a moment in the interest of encouraging you to read the Bible inductively.

If I might, allow me to make one more "poetic plea" to emphasize the need of us all to hone our skills of Observation the foundation of all fruitful Inductive Bible Study.Compare the uses of then in the Olivet Discourse - Mt 24:9, Mt , 16, 21, 23, 30 (2 uses! Mark expressions of time with a circle or clock (I use a throughout my Bible and recommend Pigma Micron pens to keep from bleeding through the pages) in your Bible margin.), etc Every time you encounter a TIME PHRASE you should pause and ask "When type" questions like -- "What time is it? I use Micron 01 size / .25 mm which is a fine point and excellent for marking the text.Be alert to this "time sensitive" word which means subsequently or soon afterward.Then reveals the timing or sequence of events and answers the 5W/H question "When?

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