Who is april matson dating

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So it hasn't really affected us, but if nothing happens in the next couple of weeks, then it might postpone things a little bit.If nothing is resolved in the next few weeks, we might have to postpone, but we're definitely going to have a season three at some point, and hopefully, if everything is resolved, we'll be able to stay pretty close to our shooting schedule.

The Tragers and Kyle continue to try to uncover Kyle's past.She starred in the short lived FOX series Quintuplets, and currently stars in the ABC Family drama Kyle XY.April Matson, who was born on June 20, 1985 in California, is an actress best known for playing Lori Trager on the ABC Family's Kyle XY. but below you can see videos that we identified about a achievable wedding. Relations of the famous are usually really short relationship, they're gone lengthy and infidelities are very common. It's tough question to answer because celebrities marry and divorce as one who buys and sells a bicycle.

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It was definitely difficult the last couple episodes doing post production because a lot of our producers were writers, and they were like really, really dedicated to the cause.