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He offers Neal full immunity to any crimes he has committed in the past in exchange for information on Adler.Neal accepts the deal and tells the story of how he met Kate, Mozzie and Adler.Also, when Mozzie meets Neal to give him information about Kate, Neal talks about going to Burma to steal gems.

Neal and Kate are unemployed and broke so they start running cons with Mozzie.He is the kid that Mozzie sends to follow Neal home after the scam.Speaking of the scam, Matt (Neal) really switched the cards. In fact, if you slow down the image, you can see the red card in his hand as he makes the switch.“If we are gonna catch this guy, just like I caught you, I need to know everything.” Neal cons another con-artist in the park by swtiching cards with him during a game of three-card Monty. Vincent Adler uses his company to run a Ponzi scheme.Willie Garrison's (Mozzie) adopted son appears in this episode.

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But instead of Kate's attention Neal ends up in the crosshairs of the FBI.

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