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Even lick and kiss the toilet seats the girls butt buttcrack buttcheeks pussy underwear and boobs. I would love to drink my next door neighbor's pee eat her poop kiss lick and smell her underwear butt buttcrack buttcheeks pussy butthole lick her butt after she is done pooping lick her pussy after she is done peeing kiss and lick her underwear every time she goes to the restroom be her pee drinking friend her poop eating friend the person that loves eating her poop and drinking her pee. I would even help them get dressed and change clothes.

I would do the same things to her youngest daughter. I would even do the same things to the girls that went to the same elementary school she went to and her cousins that are her age. I would even touch their butt and dirty clothes change their dirty clothes and put on clean clothes of their choice.

I want to clean their butt with poop on it and lick my fingers and the toilet paper with poop on it.

I would love to touch their poop in the toilets and grab their poop from the toilets and eat the poop.

I would love to eat the girls poop and drink their pee at the elementary school near me which is one of my favorite elementary schools which is lomapark elementary school.

If i had a girlfriend and she has pooping problems i would be constantly kissing and licking her boobs giving her big huge and a lot of kisses constantly saying i love you my beautiful girlfriend saying thank you my love for pooping for doing poop for your poop for making the restroom smell like poop you made me happy because you did my only favorite thing to eat which is your poop and you make me happy every time you are pooping are doing poops and you did poops and you fart and then start pooping. I want to kiss lick and smell your butt and underwear. If i was a girl and i am at a target store i would eat the poop that's in the toilets in the girls restroom(s). I would play with the poop in the toilets in the restrooms at the park close to me that i have not been to in years.

I would love for the girls to make the restroom smell like poop.

I want to eat the girls poop at ojos locos sports cantina and drink the girls pee. I would love to touch their butt and underwear and pull down their underwear and kiss lick and smell their dirty underwear and butt.

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I would love to kiss lick and smell girls underwears butt buttcrack buttcheeks pussy boobs butthole. Fabulous cycling film of a gorgeous Japanese girl shitting the most fabulous turd. Although the huge long turd came out quits quickly, because the scene was repeated, I could see the turd coming out over and over again, thus my cock had time to get hard and I could wank and ejaculate over and over again many times. I like it when every time i pass by the restrooms at the park that you can see the elementary school from smells like poop. The smell of poop makes my mouth watery and makes me feel like eating it. I love it when there is poop in the restrooms with toilet.

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