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The example table is defined as follows: INSERT INTO driver VALUES (1,'Sebastian Vettel','Red Bull',374); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (2,'Jenson Button','Mc Laren',240); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (3,'Fernando Alonso','Ferrari',227); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (4,'Mark Webber','Red Bull',221); COMMIT; The use DBI pragma instructs Perl to load the Database Interface (DBI) module.

I normally use the strict pragma, but have omitted it within this post to improve clarity.

This post was researched using Perl v5.10 with Oracle Express Edition on Windows XP 32-bit.

The examples are based on a table listing drivers in the 2011 Formula One World Championship.

Most Perl scripts seem to use $dbh for the database handle.

In this example the database SID is XE and therefore the connect string is DBI: Oracle: XE.

For example: Note that the RETURNING clause effectively declares a fourth bind variable.The above query returns the following output: In the above example bind parameters have been used to specify the number of points and also the primary key of the row to be updated.Assume we want to know how many points Vettel has now scored.It could be less efficient in other circumstances particularly if a large number of rows may be returned or the later rows are likely to be discarded.The third script generates the same output as its predecessors: In Perl bind variables are represented by a "? Each bind variable should have an associated bind_param call. You can avoid calls to bind_param by listing bind variables in the execute call: In the above example the bind variable value ("Red Bull") is specified as the first parameter in the execute call.

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This is not necessary, but in my opinion results in clearer and more supportable code as the length and complexity of the SQL statements increases. I have used the selectrow_array subroutine to execute the query and to fetch the result. This returns a statement handle ($sth) which will be used to refer to the statement throughout the rest of the script.

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