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Updating msds sheets

Employers should also consider how they would like to handle the outdated safety data sheets.While there are no provisions in Haz Com 2012 that require the archiving of older MSDSs, it is a best practice that can be easily done using an electronic system.However, employers should expect and prepare for all of their MSDSs to be replaced with GHS formatted SDSs in the next couple of years.For employers with hundreds or thousands of chemicals, or many facilities with lots of binders…this will likely be a major undertaking.Section 3, Composition/information on ingredients includes information on chemical ingredients; trade secret claims.Section 4, First-aid measures includes important symptoms/ effects, acute, delayed; required treatment.To comply, it will help if you have a system in place for catching new changes to safety data sheets.For example: As mentioned earlier, an electronic MSDS management system can be a great resource during this time.

The first thing employers should do is make sure they understand the compliance deadlines laid out under Haz Com 2012.

” MSDSs are documents, normally many pages long, that travel with or ahead of hazardous chemical shipments, warning users of the specific dangers of such products and guidance on their safe handling, storage and disposal.

Evaluating chemical hazards and producing MSDSs and labels for downstream users are two of the key responsibilities chemical manufacturers and distributors have under the HCS.

How to Manage the Transition to Haz Com 2012 The bulk of the heavy lifting during the transition to GHS belongs to the chemical manufacturers and distributors.

However, employers have a few key obligations related to SDSs that they will need to stay on top of.

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