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18-24 2005 •75 CENTS* 4 sections 68 pages LAKEUFE • SECTION B SPORTS • SECTION D High adventure bums bright Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 28 great places in 28 days Lake County's most amazing places to live, work and play THIS WEEK: Wonders 8-14 A philosophy for all Everybody's not just Kung Fu fighting Antioc ww Hi need for schools By Ginny Skweres Staff Reporter Antioch's growth has been so rapid that that the village is going to have a special census taken to cap- ture all tax dollars available. The school board and a special committee have decided it will not be enough to keep up with (he rapid growth that shows no sign of slow- ing. A special committee made up of teachers, board members and area residents examined all of die factors that have contributed to the growth and do not see it slowing down any time soon. As these Please see AUGS IA4 WINNER ,= ILLINOIS PRG5S ~j ASS OCI ATION UK THIS WEEK UML'tt CIIIl U Our Town JU Police .'. Neighbors JS i MHH'SECn CH Wonders of Lake County .. According to die comprehen- sive plan of Antioch, the residential portion of the Tomasellos' plan nearly conforms. «*-r#ia y -josr^ «in Kni m* I g N fa W kvi i«y*L i? t-aic f-srci jrd 13 Irtco int :«*^ajct; jcm rd r S«s. antral fact* tx Mnq Ecr tem&tc , txztranatd Vrterrjr/ Ttcfiftiaan caggr b t inr xi tn Ha Mfafat d animal hewtai, E ap a ri w CT d ■ rajjral Btref.u icr Jut tir-e pciitxra. Lt Ce Lady Feed: continues to tui Jd on ctx tractticn c# fi»:4! CLERICAL/ADMINISTRA- TIVE EARN ,-/HR Full bonelits/pald training, Posi- tions with US Government avail. benefits Incl'g company vehi- cle Send resume: Lesler Buildings - HR 1111 2nd Ave. Mundelcln TELLERS Pall & Part Time Requires cash handling exp. However the ban- quet hall and restaurant facility would need to be rezoned as com- mercial. i Part Time Days Mo n-Fri For more information, call 847-223-8161, fax 847-223-2691 or e-mail [email protected] and Drug Free Workplace T_ BE DEBT FREE. Reduce payments 4 Interest, eliminate lata fees & collection calls. Homeland Security, law enforcement, wildlife & morel (800)320-93. S., Lester Prairie, MN 55354 fax (320)395-5380 [email protected] tester- - Help Wanted Full-time Banking . and team up wl ih a premier, established Northern Illinois credit unlonl Wc seek reliable and responsible Individuals looking to join a progressive co. Please apply In person or FAX resume/letter of Interest to: Consumers Cooperative Credit U n i o i v2 750 Washington St., ILFaw 847-623-5637, Attn: HR Dcpt. Customer Service Rep We are looking foran experienced CSR that is bilingual In Spanish and English.

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  1. The selection process was held for two days as more number of aspirants like you were applied to that. The video presented by them was so motivational and all of us was in good spirit.