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The lost empire 1983 online dating

Its total failure and burial by studio Universal led directly to Hopper’s wilderness years.Hopper eventually retrieved the rights, and planned his own DVD release, but this never came to pass before his too-early death in 2010.A set like that isn’t on the cards yet, although it remains the subject of discussion within the Mouse House.BMX racing drama, with young Cru Jones (Allen) passing up college against his mother’s wishes for a sponsorship deal and a shot at the Helltrack title.Uncle Remus isn’t a slave, but he is an Uncle Tom, and as of 2010, Disney’s line (via CEO Bob Iger) was that the film is “antiquated” and “fairly offensive”.Any future release would need copious extra features engaging with its historical context.Plenty of films have yet to make the hi-res journey to Blu-ray, but there are hundreds that never even made it to DVD.

In between Thief and Manhunter, Michael Mann directed this dreamlike historical-horror oddity.

When the director quits after the death of a stuntman, the locals start acting out the violent script for real and pretending to film themselves with fake cameras made of sticks.

Legend has it that Hopper came up with a reasonably straightforward cut, but was persuaded by his peers to make it more ‘out there’, even handing it to Alejandro Jodorowsky to edit, before taking it back again.

Likewise, things that have been available but are now out of print do not make the cut.

And we’ve kept it to films with either reasonably recognisable directors or cast.

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Unclear, but it barely got a VHS release, let alone anything subsequent.

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