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Ricardo, master manipulator, makes his Puss in boots face and tells him everything that has gone wrong in his life in alphabetical order, you know...the judge not seeing him, my ex wife wants custody of my kids, I need new furniture, including Iker's death d last wish, and Félix finally let this one slip.

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Now Bárbara have a meeting with Nálgara for some strategy planning and/or work group between both schools and a secret sees the light. Before Bárbara, there was Gárgara in Gonzalo's life. That romance happened when they were both teens, so it's over now.

So, if she is no longer her former self, why is Gonzalo still drooling and why are Bárbara and Félix so jealous?

When he finally makes it to the classroom after hugging Félix out of gratitude, the first thing he sees is a huge boy taller than him among a sea of skeletons.

For some strange reason, the kids are all dressed up as if it were Halloween, and have prepared a musical dance for him.

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