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Alkabetz gave his father-in-law a copy of his newly completed work Manot ha-Levi.

He settled in Adrianople where he wrote Beit Hashem, Avotot Ahava, Ayelet Ahavim and Brit Ha Levi.

His circle included Moshe Alsheich and Yosef Karo, as well as his famous brother-in-law Moshe Cordovero.

Following the practice described in the Zohar of reciting biblical passages known as the Tikūn on the night of Shavuot, Rabbi Shlomo and Rabbi Joseph Karo stayed awake all that night reading.

We suggest, however, that in the specific contexts of Hasidism, nomos, eros, and mystical piety often merged in distinctive ways, and that these are visible in novel forms of Jewish legal method and discourse.

Our appreciation of the multifaceted Jewish religious and pietistic expressions of modernity should not be made to conform to the generally accepted definition of an era of strict " Orthodox " formulation and monolithic, conservative legal stagnation.

His sustained interest in alchemy reflects an historical phenomenon far deeper than his personal curiosity.

Along the way, the study questions the way the terms "conservative" and "innovative" might be used in the historical study of Jewish law.

"Changing the world's measures – Rabbi Zeev Olesker and the Revolutionary Scholars Circle in Brody Kloyz בשנת 1668 נדפס בלונדון ספרו של המלומד האנגלי ג׳ון וילקינס (John Wilkins, 1614–1672) :‘An Essay towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language’.

By dating and revisiting lost manuscripts and short fragments, along with well-known polemics, this paper will attempt to uncover the basic attitudes of R. [email protected] Katzenellenbogen of Boskowitz toward Kabbalistic and Sabbatean literature.

Several personal writings dating from 1752 to 1761 will be closely examined with the aim of tracing two opposing, yet prototypical responses to the place occupied by Sabbatean literature on the Kabbalistic-Lurianic shelf of the contemporary rabbinic library. Jacob Emden's surprising quest for the knowledge of alchemy.

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Moreover, how did the tempestuous controversy over Jacob Frank and his believers at the middle of the eighteen century affect this status of Sabbatean texts in the rabbinic library?

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