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Stories online sexual

Forty-four percent said they had seen the campaign but not participated.

(For the graphic, 'Two in every three women have dealt with unwanted sexual encounter', click PHRr0) Leona Waller, 25, a freelance writer in Berkeley, California, said she sat up in bed to prepare her “Me Too” post as her boyfriend slept next to her.

Now, her organisation coordinates outreach in local schools and provides educators with resource kits to use in their classrooms.

“[Me too] was a catchphrase to be used from survivor to survivor to let folks know that they were not alone and that a movement for radical healing was happening and possible," Ms Burke told As Ms Burke’s movement shows, sexual violence has been a pressing issue for years.

She had never directly told him about a sexual assault in college “when no didn’t mean no” to her attacker.

“I actually handed him my phone and showed him the full post that I had written,” she said. It was a moment.” But sometimes those conversations are just too painful to have.

Charlotte Kirk, 23, felt compelled to tell her mother about a recent incident when a close friend’s boyfriend groped her without consent. “Her response was basically, ‘Believe it or not, this doesn’t get better even after you’re married and have three kids.’ She had been in the exact same position before, too,” said Kirk, a medical research assistant in Boston.

So an anxious Crone, 29, a stay-at-home mother of two young children, put on a movie for her kids and went upstairs to the bedroom of her Hanover, Pennsylvania, home to tell him about being sexually assaulted nine years ago, before they had met.Several male celebrities also spoke up about the need to put a stop in sexual violence in their industry.At Elle’s Women in Hollywood event on Monday, actress Reese Witherspoon said she had been sexually assaulted by a director when she was just 16.“It was scary and brought everything back,” Crone said with a sigh.She had worried about his reaction, in part because he knew one of the men who had assaulted her a decade earlier.

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20-24, more than half of all adults said they had experienced an unwanted verbal or physical sexual advance.

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