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brotherly; braterska ljubov brotherly love brati (bere)

black; črna dira black hole; črna vdova black widow; Črno morje Black Sea črpak m.

In this version of the dictionary, all forms are given in the Latin orthography. If nouns have a declension that is not merely a matter of adding endings after the form as given in the dictionary, the genitive singular form is given between brackets (with the exception of words on -òk and -ec, which always have the genitives -ka and -ca respectively).

If both forms are not each other's direct neighbours in the dictionary, both forms are given separately, The same goes also for verbs whose present tense stems cannot be derived regularly from the infinitive: in those cases the third person singular is given: brati (bere).

babble, tell fables, narrate; practise sorcery, conjure bajdarka f.

(kogo/čego) without; ~ malogo almost bezbarvny adj.

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diseased; painful, achy Bolgar- ➝ Bulgar- boliglav m.

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