Single gadebusch

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Single gadebusch

She most likely crashed near Brillit, the next village to the west of Osterwede.This aircraft is listed in the US Listing of Allied Aircraft crashed over Germany (#1): The first Mosquito lost is HR355, flown by S/LDR Mc Call and P/O Caulfield.450 yards from the depot of Nieuwe Schans, about 27 miles east of Groningen/NL. Next up – or rather: down – is Mosquito RS604, the “M-Aircraft”, flown by F/LT Hackett and F/O Brittain.Not much is known about this crash, however, both crew members seem to have survived the crash as there is no record of any deceased airmen by this name and date.

While F/O Mc Mahon is still listed as “missing in action”, P/O Gowlett is today buried at the Hannover War Cemetery with the initial burial recorded at the Engelbostel Cemetery, north-northwest of Hannover.

In preparation for an upcoming publication, I am looking for personal information on members of the Light Night Striking Force that got killed, went missing or were taken POW during missions to Berlin in late 19.

I have compiled a list of air crew members in question and I would be gratful if you would contact me by e Mail at [email protected] you can and are willing to provide publishable background information. Fritz Reichenbach scoring two Mosquitos each, while Fw.

The crew rests at the Hannover War Cemetery, the Graves Concentration Report Form shows the cemetery of .

Cause for this loss was Flak, both crew members where taken prisoner.

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This aircraft is possibly listed in the US Listing of Allied Aircraft crashed over Germany (#5): Also listed is the “R-Aircraft”, Mosquito PZ388 with F/LT Hugh Murdo Hope [C23855, RCAF] and F/O Leslie Amos Thorpe [163879, RAFVR].