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Sergio Alberto Hernandez, 36, passed away on Sunday, April 3, 2011 in Russellville, Arkansas.

This is particularly true, it observes, when Congress has repeatedly declined to enact laws that would allow the kind of lawsuit that Hernández’s parents have filed.

would be an important one: The parents of Sergio Hernández, a Mexican teen shot by a U. Border Patrol agent while standing on Mexican soil, are seeking to sue the agent responsible for their son’s death in U. S.-Mexico border – and have Mexico reimburse the U. for the cost of construction – the lawsuit filed by Jesus Hernández and his wife, Maria Guadalupe Guereca Bentacour, takes on even more significance.

But with the United States’ relationship with Mexico already strained in the wake of the Trump administration’s announcement that it plans to build a wall along the U.

And although Mesa was in the United States when he shot Hernández, the cities of El Paso and Juarez are “inextricably linked” – for all intents and purposes, a “single metropolitan area” regardless of nationality.

Moreover, the parents maintain, allowing their lawsuit to go forward will not create any “practical obstacles.” Border Patrol agents are already barred from using deadly force except in very specific and limited circumstances, so neither the agency’s policy nor the behavior of agents themselves will have to change.

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The Supreme Court endorsed such a test in a case called , they contend, in holding that detainees held at Guantanamo Bay could challenge the legality of their detentions in a U. Here, they conclude, all these factors militate in favor of holding that Hernández was protected by the Fourth Amendment.