Sci fi fan dating websites

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Its roots are deep in tabletop games such as RPGs, card, strategy, board games, etc.

They’ve since broadened into the computer game arena.

Engagement designer, Stanford lecturer, and tabletop geek Chris Bennett gave me the inside scoop on Go Play Northwest.

He travels from the bay area every year to join the intimate but thriving Go Play community.

I can always find wonderful indie role-playing game designers to kibbutz and play with.” If you love RPGs, story games, experimental games, board games, card games, and more, you’ll eat up Go Play Northwest.One gauge for the evolution of a convention is the talent it can attract.Previous years have been dazzled by star-sprinkled ensembles including Patrick Stewart, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Gillian Anderson, Carrie Fisher, Adam West, and so many more.Many gamers have nodded off into a daydream or two about being able to go at some point.And not even a decade ago, you only needed to be one or two connections removed from a game industry pro to score tickets.

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Location: Seattle, WA Dates: TBA 2017 Ticket price: $70 – $100 Great for: Making friends, trying independent tabletop games, learning how to make your own tabletop game Photo by Brendan Adkins (creative commons) Nothing can replace our electronic games.