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The sequence of shots (frames) on a film stripe is transformed by a projector into a movie: Meanwhile the film is screened as a moved sequence of images and a light projection, the video system directs electron beams in a vacuum tube.A light emitting video presentation replaces the film projection in a dark room.This opens a new self-generating cycle of design within consciousness and the eventual construction of new realities without the necessity of external referents as a means of control.(40" x 40," edition 1 of 5, Archival Pigment Print, 2014)Lucifer’s Commission is the title for this series of abstract still images that have been used, processed, recorded, printed and otherwise presented by Woody Vasulka since the early 1990s.If you need us to hold your shipment for some reason, or have a change of address to report, please contact our support desk by e-mailing [email protected] Otherwise units will be shipped in the order received.We expect consecutive shipping between batches #1 and #2.Time/Energy Structure of the Electronic Image is a large work dating from 1974-75.The images were produced on a scan processor (Rutt/Etra Model-4, Rutt Electrophysics, Inc.), a toll providing various means of reprogramming electro-magnetic conditions around its display cathode ray tube or CRT.

Since the mid of the sixties video is an emerging film system usable to produce and to store electronic signals.Their altered destiny as recycled ‘works of art’ (a word he would never use) is far from their military-industrial origins.Scanned, enlarged and printed, the processed images embody hidden stories of climate change, of nuclear testing, of technological symbolism, of the human condition and of the impermanence of media and memory; diabolical abstractions to spark our imaginations.They are derived from found objects; 2’’ x 2” glass slides.Starting life as film-printed stencils for electronic circuits, the slides somehow became discards.

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Spanish language translation of the Vidiot user manual is now available for download! Just very hypothetical, if I had one, what would be the best way to record everything onto a video file...

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