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These keywords also define whether and how subschema assertion results are modified and/or combined.

Such keywords do not assert conditions on their own.

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JSON Schema can be used to require that a given JSON document (an instance) satisfies a certain number of criteria.

This specification uses the term "container instance" to refer to both array and object instances.

It uses the term "children instances" to refer to array elements or object member values.

JSON Schema validation applies schemas to locations within the instance, and asserts constraints on the structure of the data at each location.In some cases, this no-op behavior is identical to a keyword that exists with certain values, and these values are noted where known.All of the keywords in the general sections are assertions, as well as "min Items", "max Items", "unique Items", "min Properties", "max Properties", and "required".An instance location that satisfies all asserted constraints is then annotated with any keywords that contain non-assertion information, such as descriptive metadata and usage hints.If all locations within the instance satisfy all asserted constraints, then the instance is said to be valid against the schema.

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