Race dating study

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The explosion of online dating has given academic researchers an unprecedented opportunity: to analyze vast troves of digital data to tell a fuller story on how humans, in this moment in time, are approaching the dating game.New research from Australia sheds light on what online daters are actually looking for, and how those criteria dynamically evolve as they age.They are more than 14 percentage points more likely to accept a partner of their own race.

The participants ranged in age from 18 to 80 years old.The average results for the different races and sexes are presented below with 0 as the average result for the whole group and 1 as one standard deviation.Higher values indicate higher physical attractiveness. In contrast, when the participants were asked to judge their own individual physical attractiveness, both Black men and Black women rated themselves as far more physically attractive than men and women of other races.Several other studies of dating services have found a strong preference for white males on the part of white females.According to a 2011 study by Gerald Mendelsohn on over a million dating website profiles "more than 80 percent of the online dating contacts initiated by whites were to other whites, with only 3 percent going to blacks.

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Black and White women differed somewhat with average BMIs of 28.5 and 26.1.