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An authentic Lithuanian marine heritage legacy, it...Vilnius City Hotel offers accommodation 15-minute walk from the Vilnius’ historic Old Town and a 20-minute walk from the Bus and Train Stations and 4 km to the Vilnius Airport and IKEA, Senukai and Nordika supermarkets. An authentic Lithuanian marine heritage legacy, it... We provide full and partial truckload shipping services in the European Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan using various types of trucks.

(1)in Mažeikiai (4)in Neringa (1)in Palanga (1)in Plungė (1)in Šakiai distr. The company "Vikunija" is one of the oldest transport companies in Lithuania.

SC “Agrologistika“ specializes in cargo transportation requiring particular temperature needs, along with specializing in international cargo transportation.

We deliver food products and goods that are temperature sensitive.

OVER 800 PROFESSIONAL FIRMS WORLDWIDE – concentrate knowledge just where you need it ABOUT 8000 PEOPLE AT ETL – and each one is part of your individual solution. Delamode Baltics – one of the biggest international freight forwarders in the Baltic States offering solutions that cater to specific needs and help add value to the logistics and supply chain of our clients.

We have offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, from which we provide our customers with cost effective...

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The SPA centre is surrounded by a historical forest Anykščių šilelis and Šventoji river. ITAB Shop Concept Lithuania offers shop fitting solutions that completely transform the shopping experience. Categories: food production and processing equipment; food products; industrial equipment; plastic, rubber and its products; tare, packings; technological equipment; wholesale.