Onlinsex chat window

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Onlinsex chat window

Please note that the Instant Message Window of the user who you want to IM will open when you click on the Instant Message Icon rather than when you send the IM.

Whispering is another feature of our chat server, where you can only talk to one person at a time.

Available every day during the same regular Customer Service Center hours - a.m. Any concerns or compliments are still best submitted through the Customer Comment form.

We ask customers to keep their questions short to allow our agents to handle as many questions as possible.

When a conversation is complete, simply exit out of the chat window.

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You can choose the Color of your Font and whether to ignore the color of other member's fonts.

Please bear in mind that we are all personally responsible for our own conduct in meeting this purpose.

For example, engaging in personal attacks, vulgarity, and off color jokes may be seen as discouraging to the purpose of the room.

Click the Live Chat icon on this page to request a conversation.

You will be prompted to provide your name, email address, and question you wish to get answered. The upper space offers a visual transcript of the conversation, while the lower portion is space to type comments during the conversation.

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Our Meetings use a variation what is called Standard Online Protocol to simulate the various mutations of Robert's Rules of Order used at Face To Face Meetings. if you wish to share--this is equivalent to raising your hand at a meeting. if you have a question--if will be answered with an Instant Message or a Whisper. Meetings run very smoothly when we follow this simple--once we understand it--protocol.