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Oakmeeds online dating

It was closed in 1890, reopened as an Infants school only in 1892, and finally closed in 1906 All the records listed below are part of the Petworth house Archives PHA 5921 Register of Attendance and payments (Girls Dept.) at Coates [National] School.

1875-18 Register of Attendance and payments (Boys Dept.) at Coates [National] School. 1875-18 School portfolio, containing Inspectors' reports, examination and grant schedules, annual statements of accounts, and related correspondence.

Crawley West temporarily included Southgate schools, until the formation of the Crawley South managerial body in 1962 For Crawley Council and County Primary Schools Managers' Minutes (before 1956), see E/60B/1/1-6 For Hazelwick County Secondary and Sarah Robinson County Secondary Managers' Minutes, 1954-62, see E/60E/1/1-2 HORSHAM SCHOOL RECORDS - INDEX E/102 School Board & Council School Managers E/102A Girls High School Opened 1904 as Pupil Teacher Centre.

Became Secondary School for girls 1911; recognised by Board of Education and placed on list of Secondary Schools for grant, 1.8.1922 E/102B St Mark's Originally Cof E Boys' School built 1840 in North Street. Headteacher: Miscellanea The catalogues of many schools include references to other archives groups.

Taken over 1893 by School Board and became Infants' School E/102C St. The long and close connection with the Church of England means that many items have reached the Record Office via the incumbent and have been catalogued with his parish records.

Mary's Cof E (Girls) E/102D East Parade Board School, built 1877, enlarged 1894 for boys, girls and infants. All these items will have a reference prefixed by "Par".

1883-18 Register of Attendance and payments (Infants Dept.) at Coates [National] School. The later correspondence includes Inspectors' Reports, Annual School Returns, and annual statements of accounts. 1905-19 National Society Catalogue, n.d CRAWLEY: St.

Renamed Homefield County Primary 1952, closed 1960 (see also E/218M) E/218I Sussex Road 1902 boys, girls and infants. In addition there is, of course, much further information (beyond the scope of this catalogue) to be found in the records of the County Education Department and of the County Education Committee and its sub-committees Some schools are represented in the Record Office only by records in other collections or of other schools.

Closed 1935 (see also E/218M & T) E/218J West Tarring National Mixed and infants, 1862. Infants built 1880, enlarged 1894 E/218K Evening Classes Worthing Evening Continuation Classes E/218L Worthing County High - Boys Secondary School for Boys E/218M Sussex Road, Secondary Girls Originally department of St. In 1902 junior and senior girls moved to Sussex Road after takeover by School Board. They do not have entries in the main body of this catalogue, but are listed here with references to those other collections or to entries for other schools in this catalogue BOGNOR REGIS: Senior Girls Council School Opened in 1938 on the same site as the Junior and Boys Schools.

1876-18 Education Department 'New Code of Regulations', printed handbook, property of Coates School.

18 Register of Attendance and payments (Boys Dept.). 1879-18 The Royal History Reader No III, property of Coates School. A Reading Book for Standard III., property of Coates School.

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New buildings 1959, later named Andrew Cairns County Secondary School E/125D East Street Infants In 1871 part of National School in Church Street. Reorganised 1973 into Comprehensive, closed 1982 E/218A Junior Technical E/218B Roman Catholic St. (Infants closed 1929.) E/218D British School (Institute Day School) Montague Street, 1865-1885 E/218E Broadwater Temporary Infants Council School, 1909-. Title deeds and related papers have been catalogued in the Add MSS series.