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“When Jason told me, I thought that would be a great name.” Having kept mum until Hoppy’s parents arrived at the hospital to meet their new grandchild, revealing Bryn’s name in person was a special moment for the family.

“Jason’s mom was hysterical, crying,” Frankel recalls.

It's a joy to see Jennifer Coolidge working again, she's just wonderful in portraying "over the top" characters, sometimes I almost feel ashamed that a movie and TV fanatic like me likes her, but hey, everybody has their guilty pleasures. When I don't want to think and just want to watch something fun.

Plus, I really dig the fact that this show is not shy about the sex jokes and sometimes gets really rude.

” All joking aside, “We’re so thankful and lucky to have a healthy baby,” says Frankel, who adds that she’s looking forward to strolling around the Big Apple with Bryn.

How do I know if he really loves me and wants to be with me?

He's now blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other Much of his face is now gnarled and disfigured and he currently has a massive lump at the top of his skull where doctors have surgically implanted a rod that stretches his skin in order to promote healing.

toes,” says Frankel, pointing to Bryn Casey Hoppy‘s little pink feet. ” Frankel, the star of , always tells it like it is — even when discussing her baby’s early delivery on Saturday, May 8. some five weeks before their first child was due to tell him her water broke, Frankel immediately called the doctor and told her husband to pack their bags.

Sassy, streetwise Max works two jobs just to get by, one of which is waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner.

Sophisticated Caroline is an uptown trust fund princess who's having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot.

“And for two days, I couldn’t.” After some 30 hours of labor, doctors recommended a c-section to deliver baby Bryn.

“She came out like a little doll,” Frankel, 39, says of seeing her daughter for the first time.

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Oleg only wears a singlet on his torso when cooking in the kitchen of Han's diner. Especially Kat Dennings, who, even with material that isn't always up to par, lights up the screen with her wonderful, sensual, charismatic, yet sometimes almost painfully sarcastic and bitter sense of humor. I've watched a lot of episodes of season one, and somehow I just keep watching whenever I need some harmless, simple humor.