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The proposed site, being on the Brockenhurst Estate, is, of course under the management of the Morant Trustees, whose courteous agent is Mr. The work, we understand will be commenced forthwith, and will be completed within a few months of the start of the operation.(Extract from The Hampshire Advertiser dated 28 September 1912).

In 1913 a Golf Course Company had been formed and 160 acres of Blackhamsley Farm was leased from the Brokenhurst estate.

The 50 held in their bank account was distributed among the local hospitals and nursing associations.

The soil is excellent, the scenery enchanting, and the situation in close proximity to a railway station, all that could be desired...

The course is to have 18 holes, and will extend through some of the most beautiful scenery in the lovely park.

It is intended also to erect a first class club-house, with every accommodation for members, and everything will be up to date in all departments.

The first Golf Club in Brokenhurst was started in 1908 and was situated on forest land behind the Balmer Lawn Hotel and was called the Balmer Lawn Golf Club.

There is a suggestion that the Course was in existence as early as April 1891; the Master of the Church of England School in Brockenhurst noted in his log at this time the absence of boys caddying for golfers.

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