Masturbation dating sites

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Masturbation dating sites

These questions and answers pertain specifically to the experience of female masturbation.

Of course, a lot of the questions on the main masturbation page, although posed by males, can address the experience of both genders.

How to overcome prone masturbation Questions from readers and answers about prone masturbation Articles about prone masturbation Graphs demonstrating the dangers of prone masturbation Longer case studies of prone masturbation Online support group for males with a history of prone masturbation Newest questions and general questions Questions from readers and answers about prone masturbation Penis and anatomy Sexual response & puberty Fantasies, fetishes & unusual practices Sexual problems, aches & pains Sex with partners Newest questions and general questions Female anatomy: vulvas, hymens, vaginas Masturbatory technique and female sexual response Sexual orientation, fantasies, and unusual behavior Masturbation toys: vibrators, dildoes, and other objects Sex with partners This page is for questions from females about masturbation and other issues related to sexuality.

A few rare questions from males about the female experience are also posted here.

As you get more experienced, you will learn to control your orgasm internally also.

Should I tell my parents that I started masturbating?

Should I ask my mom for a dildo so I won't be so careless?

(age 13) You shouldn't use either a dildo or tampon to masturbate at your age. Most younger females prefer to stimulate the clitoral area (externally) rather than insert fingers or objects inside the vagina. (female, age 16) If they're not aroused spontaneously, a guy who wants to masturbate will think about something stimulating or look at something stimulating.

I notice that you have a page for testicular self-examination, and was wondering if there could also be a page about how to self test for breast cancer? If the mouth and vulva each have a pair of lips, then should cunnilingus be called kissing? The mouth has muscular lips that can be manipulated very precisely. If you must, try it in your car when you're parked in a place with some privacy. How much time do you recommend I give myself before masturbating with penetration?

I know that girls and women use vibrators to masturbate, but do men use them also? (age 24) Vibration does a lot to stimulate a clitoris, which is a relatively small organ.

A vibrator would have to be dangerously large to deliver the same force to a relatively larger erect penis.

Answers marked with have been critically reviewed by an anonymous female correspondent.

Is it normal that I can control my orgasm when I masturbate by just rubbing my clitoris, but when I masturbate internally I can't control it? I suspect you've been masturbating clitorally longer than you've been masturbating internally and have gotten better at it.

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If you could walk me through how to orgasm, step by step, I feel that I could follow the rules and achieve my goal. I don't know how to orgasm with my own hand, and that is sad. (age 26) Reading my page for young females will help a lot, as will reading through the other female pages.

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  1. The relevant law, passed in November, 1990, permitted sexual intercourse for young people between 12 and 16, but allowed a challenge by parents based on erosion of parental authority or child exploitation, which would be heard by a Council for the Protection of Children.