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In 1892 a battalion of Russians under Mikhail Ionov entered the area and camped near the present Murghab.

In 1893 they built a proper fort there (Pamirskiy Post).

From this glacier area an outlet glacier has flowed down to the north-east through the Gez valley up to c.1850 m asl and thus as far as to the margin of the Tarim basin.

This outlet glacier received inflow from the Kaiayayilak glacier from the Kongur-north-flank.

From 1871 to around 1893 several Russian military-scientific expeditions mapped out most of the Pamirs (Alexei Pavlovich Fedchenko, Nikolai Severtzov, Captain Putyata and others. Several local groups asked for Russian protection from Afghan raiders.

To the east they are generally considered to extend to the range that includes China's Kongur Tagh, a peak which is included in the "Eastern Pamirs" more often than in the Kunlun Mountains, as Kongur Tagh and the Kunlun range are separated by the large Yarkand River valley; no valley of such significance separates the Pamirs and Kongur Tagh, just political boundaries.

A pamir is a flat plateau or U-shaped valley surrounded by mountains.

To the north they join the Tian Shan mountains along the Alay Valley of Kyrgyzstan.

To the south they border the Hindu Kush mountains along Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.

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