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Kenyan sexy gals

“Yes, I always test him before I let him to raw-dog me, once we’ve all tested negative, we all engage in the best of sex without worries of infecting each other.” MMUST comrade, Judie says.4.Circumcision; almost every male comrade is getting circumcised.More and more comrades are saying to hell with condoms.

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“My pull-out game is at 9/10, it feels perfect when you just pull it out right on time and splash it all-over her face,” says Ken a KU Comrade.

On top of the pull-out game, more Kenyan campus students are doing pills, whether morning after sex-pills or other pills to prevent pregnancy.2.

“We are lucky because there are emergency pills that can prevent pregnancy” she said.

Even if my boyfriend wants us to have sex without a condom, I am not bothered because I can run to the chemist and just pick some for myself.

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Alex, a second year student at the University of Nairobi, says he and his girlfriend only used condoms the first two weeks of their sexual relationship.