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Cathy re-introduces me to the luminous Jenny Isaacson and her husband Barry, an independent movie producer.

I regale them with tales of my lunch with Toby and how PC and carefully spoken he was.

Every sane government would have done the same thing. Tip: If you ever start making bio weapons for gov, don't back out and say you have doubts. OO2j Zopo — (((Luke Ford))) (@lukeford) January 11, 2018In 2015, Young wrote an article for the Australian magazine Quadrant entitled “The fall of meritocracy”.

Causing controversy and letting the media explicate the racial dynamics of this increases knowing.

— (((Luke Ford))) (@lukeford) January 12, 2018 C'mon, people, let's get our priorities straight!

Why do we want converts from sh**hole countries anyway? CBo7Cn DH — (((Luke Ford))) (@lukeford) January 12, 2018 Re: Wormwood.“It could help to address the problem of flat-lining inter-generational social mobility”, he wrote.Young attended a conference in May 2016 on Eugenics which was secretly convened at University College London in preparation for another landestine conference in Toronto later in 2016 at which he gave a speech.In it he advocated what he termed “progressive eugenics”.Young proposed that when the technology for genetically engineered intelligence is practical it should be allowable for a decision to be made by poor parents with low IQs over which embryos should be allowed to develop using intelligence as a marker.

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” Toby: “The Bell Curve made a big impression on you, huh?