Intimidating sports sayings

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And if someone can bring some biscuits for a banofi pie that would be great. I'm warning you my dad won't tolerate any gesuipery, he'll klap you stukkend!

Your social circle, after all, is supposed to be a source of happiness, support andhealthy validation.

We may excuse their behavior as “that’s just how Adam/Marie/Dan/Steve/Andrea is…”.

We may choose to overlook the fact that our friends are toxic because of the sunk cost fallacy – we’ve known them for so long that we can’t really let them go.

We don’t respond to peer pressure, we’re uninfluenced by marketing; we’re too smart and strong-willed for that.

Except as appealing as that idea is, it’s true when it comes to the people you surround yourself with.

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Ag nee, I stepped on a shongololo, I just bought new tekkies the other day!

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