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They control and regulate many functions in the body, including temperature and blood pressure, and they support other diverse functions, such as growth, cell repair, metabolism, fertility and reproduction.

The communication that a hormone has with organs in the body, along with other hormones, can also affect the skin of both women and men at various stages of their lives.

With all the skin conditions that can arise due to too many or too few hormones, skin care professionals must be aware of everything they can do to treat their clients, from the initial consultation to professional treatments to home care recommendations.

Understanding the types of hormones that women deal with during the different stages will help skin care professionals when analyzing the skin.

Because of this, clients living with skin affected by hormonal issues have to learn to manage them for a longer period of time.

Hormones are the body’s chemicals that send signals between cells.

Many of the usual suspects in the cosmetics industry have gotten onto the band wagon and now make a product that is branded as a BB Cream. It is cheap, blends well with my dry skin and it does not seem to irritate my skin. Since I have been using BB Cream instead of foundation, I have not had any of the pimple like bumps. I still have a lot of redness on my checks and have damaged blood vessels under my skin.

And, if you use any of these products you need to every day to protect your skin and to protect the active ingredients from breaking down and being ineffective.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to use an spf of 30 or higher every day to minimize the signs of aging and chances of getting skin cancer weather or not you’re using anti-aging products.

So my skin is damaged and now that I’m in my 50s all that damage is coming home to roost in the form of so you can see the results for yourself: (Un-retouched photos with no makeup, trying to match the angle, focus, lighting, and facial expression.

Please excuse the giant watermark over each photo, I’m trying to stop scammers from stealing my images to sell their products.) .