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This quake occurred along the coast of Chile on May 22, 1960.

In Chile, the earthquake and the tsunami that followed took more than 2,000 lives and caused property damage estimated at 0 million (1960 dollars).

Actions that saved lives, and actions that cost lives, as recounted by eyewitnesses to the tsunami from the largest earthquake ever measured—the magnitude 9.5 earthquake in Chile on May 22, 1960.

In interviews several decades later, people in Chile, Hawaii, and Japan recall the tsunami Their accounts contain lessons on tsunami survival: This report contains true stories that illustrate how to survive-and how not to survive-a tsunami.

Tsunami waves can become more than 30 feet high as they come into shore and can rush miles inland across low-lying areas.

The stories in this book were selected from interviews with people who survived a Pacific Ocean tsunami in 1960.

This movement goes on for decades or centuries, slowly building up stress. During an Earthquake An earthquake along a subduction zone happens when the leading edge of the overriding plate breaks free and springs seaward, raising the sea floor and the water above it. Meanwhile, the bulge behind the leading edge collapses, thinning the plate and lowering coastal areas.

Vertical Slice Through a Subduction Zone One of the many tectonic plates that make up Earth’s outer shell descends, or “subducts,” under an adjacent plate.

From Chile the tsunami radiated outward, killing 61 people in Hawaii and 122 in Japan.

The 1960 Chile earthquake ruptured a fault zone along which a slab of sea floor is descending, or “subducting,” beneath the adjacent South American Continent.

It is meant for people who live, work, or play along coasts that tsunamis may strike.

Such coasts surround most of the Pacific Ocean but also include other areas, such as the shores of the Caribbean, eastern Canada, and the Mediterranean.

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