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High net worth dating site

He also spent his childhood in Moscow, Texas, Damascus, Reykjavik and Copenhagen, so he's quite the traveller.

He is the Director and Founder of GEIST, an international private art dealership and collection, and has worked as model, including a contract in New York.

Estimated net worth: £500,000 as posh as her older sibling Lucy.

Purely due to being a bit younger and not as mature (yet).

Estimated net worth: £1.4 million She's called Binky.

Estimated net worth: In the millions mates, Andy never came across as that incredibly posh, but more down to earth like the rest of us. He attended St Edward's School in Oxford, and graduated from the University of Leeds with a Geography degree.

sunshine, brunches at the Bluebird and arched eyebrows – at least for an hour every week?

While we could only dream of owning a Range Rover and heading to a country house for the weekend, it's all in a day's work for the isn't Chelsea.

and that's before you've even heard his deep, booming voice. He studied at independent boarding school Kimbolton, and later graduated from the prestigious University of Birmingham.

Along with his girlfriend Lucy Watson, he has signed with Europe's top modelling agency, Model 1.

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As with her sister, her entrepreneur father Clive owns The Phene pub in Chelsea, and has also founded various restaurant chains, including Tup Inns, City Pub Company, and the Capital Pub Company.