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Heavy metal dating thirties

The tubular bead itself is slightly over 1 3/4 inches long. There are ten pre Columbian amulet beads, and three plain ones. This 18 inch long necklace of silver beads from Afghanistan sits nicely with the plaque/pendant at the base of the neck. The work is very very fine, and includes a container at the bottom end. The Baba Egum is responsible keeping up the moral standards of the community.The largest zoomorphic one in the middle is 1 1/4 inches long. It hasn't been polished for a while and I think would like a little gentle buffing. The tiny piece that keeps the container closed is missing but could quite easily be replaced by a jeweller who is used to working with antique pieces. This Tuareg "elkez" bracelet is remarkably heavy at 345.9 grams. I am not sure what material the piece is made from (it is quite heavy and will require extra shipping costs) - it has been beautifully and richly painted and stands calmly - waiting... The originating religion came from Africa and was brought by priests (arriving as slaves) from the Orishas of Yoruba, the Voduns of the Jeje nation and the Nkisis of the Bantu starting in the mid 1500s. orishas act as protectors of the people and all have specific powers and directions to their lives.When wearing this you are travelling with magic coming from the past and being brought into the modern world. One the second image you can see that a small amount of carving is missing from immediately under the upper bar. I still don't know how this piece was used so the new owner might have some serious research to do. This is too small for me to wear (I can slip it on but it doesn't sit comfortably) so it has sat in its sculptural way in a display case along with other African silver. There are 6 African silver rings here - in the book "Africa Adorned" on page 173 they say: "Rings, pendants and hair ornaments seen in the savannah regions today have been influenced by designs that prevailed in the days of the great empires. This statue was originally brought from Brazil by a dealer/collector. Many dances and celebrations are involved including the dances of the Baba Egum.This comes from the collection of Gerald Emmett Carter who was the Archbishop of Toronto, Canada in the years 1978-1990. The inside measures 1 7/8 inches across from side to side. heavy 6 inch long facet Bohemian glass bead - 0. Not only does the jewellery resemble ornaments of the imperial courts, it often echoes the sophisticated lines of the architecture that flourished under early Islamic influence. Oxum is the Orix of love, beauty, maternity and wealth. She is covered in gold and with her love and protection of waterways has over time became a mermaid.This pendant is 3 7/8 inches tall and decorated with writing as well as images of flowers. The chain is newish and from India - a little over 19 inches long. These could be the basis for a wonderful bracelet, or a central part of a necklace - finding these tiny crystal beads is very difficult these days and they deserve to be kept together on one item. Because I didn't have quite enough beads for the length I added 6 African silver beads at the back along with a silver "S" hook to shut it. The longest pendant bead in the middle is slightly over 3 1/8 inches long. Sometimes getting the correct colour in the photos becomes almost impossible for me. These never bothered me though, as I suppose they are a good indication of the age of this pendant. The original hanging loop is quite worn if you examine the photo - It would work fine if the cord going through it is the same size as the hole. I bought this years ago to store some of my special beads in.Like much of the silver from my collection it needs a cleaning to bring out the gleam of it. I haven't seen another strand like this for years... It is slightly under 5 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide. If the cord is smaller than the hole I would suggest putting a slice of tubular metal inside the hole, or even a lining of leather so that the wear doesn't continue. It was made in China a long time ago to be used as an iron for fabrics.

The Tairona carnelian beads give great energy to the silver pieces from Peru - all pre Columbian/pre Hispanic. This is a very simple strand of African trade beads originating in Venice. This beautiful carved ivory piece is 6 3/4 inches from one end to the other. The container at the bottom is 1 3/4 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches tall. Many dances and celebrations are involved including the dances of the Baba Egum.The 4 inch long amulet opens at one end but is empty. What I love the most though are the pendants cut from sheet silver with decorative lines on them - illustrating birds fish, people, etc. The chain is 21 inches long and tied with cord at the back so that it slips over the head. There are African silver flying saucer beads at the back. I just went through them checking how many layers each has. It is similar to the pieces on page 31 of "A World of Necklaces" made from a 1875 silver 5 Franc coin from the Republique Francaise. The coin is 1 1/2 inches across and the entire piece is 4 1/2 inches long. The bracelets with projections are solid and heavy to wear. The silver spacer beads are from Ethiopia, and the central pendant is a silver kitab (which could use some cleaning) from the Moors at the border of Mauritania and Morocco. This necklace goes around 17 1/2 inches long with pre Columbian stone spacer beads. These two antique Moroccan silver rings are sold together. The necklace hasn't been buffed for a while so could use a light polishing. (to see it full size click here) It is strung on a leather cord which can be easily untied. The beads are still on the same white string as when I bought them.If you go around the necklace starting at the clasp on the top moving clockwards you can apply my numbers to them. The twisted style might have been influenced by Celtic jewellery which was brought to Arabia by Phoenician traders in exchange for perfumes and spices." This antique silver bracelet weighs 216.8 grams with three spiral cones, each 1 1/4 inches tall. The kitab is 1 5/8 inches tall, and the necklace is 16 inches around. The colours of these carnelian beads are rich, deep, and beautiful with each bead having its own character. Here is a group of four antique silver rings from Mali, North Africa, each one representing the symbols on playing cards. The larger one is a size 9, the smaller one a size 9.5. I have forgotten who the jeweller is and the stamp is not very clear but this is a traditional style for the company. I did that so that I could easily wear it at different lengths by taking beads off or adding them on again. The strand weighs 345 grams/12.2 ounces so is quite heavy.The inside of the bracelet is 2 1/2 inches at the widest. It needs to fit quite closely so do measure against a close fitting bracelet that you have. The silver chain necklace is 25 inches long and from it hang two groups of silver bells as well as some milagros of chickens, birds and some symbolic shapes that make me think of images from the State of Tlaxcala. I have never worn it, it just sat in one of my display cases so has never been cleaned or brightened up. It is a great combination of colours (in my opinion anyway) and is cheerful to wear. I collected these 6 and 7 layer Venetian chevrons over 15 years or so, generally buying one or two at a time. You can see a bracelet very similar to this one on page 136 of "A World of Bracelets". This ring came out of Iran - it certainly needs some polishing on the silver. I could never wear it as it is much too large for me (size 9.5) but I had it in a display case so that I could admire it. The necklace weighs 65.9 grams so has the weight to sit nicely.The bird in the middle is 1 1/2 inches across and 1 inch tall. There are two carved stone leaves attached as well, each one measuring 2 1/2 inches long. It was quite a surprise to see something so curious. I generally do that a bit by rubbing silver with my hands, and also rubbing with a polishing cloth with just the tiniest amount of "rouge" on it. The necklace is slightly over 15 inches long, closed with a silver turtle that fits through a loop like a button. I have strung them on an Indian silver cord/necklace so that there is empty space and the layers of the beads can be seen from the sides. The description in the book says "Saudi Arabia, Najd (Bedouin). These are richly coloured, stocky, attractive antique beads of Nigerian coral. The bead in the preview image on the left is 15/16 inches long and 9/16 inch in diameter. This is the last strand of pre Columbian "bullet" beads (from the Tairona people of Colombia) that were in my personal collection for a number of years, each strand being quite different from each other. The ring has a carnelian stone as a centerpiece - it has a hole going into it so was probably a small pendant or a repolished part of a bead. The inside of the necklace is 17 1/4 inches around. The piece is firmly closed with a loop at the back. This is a rather stupendous necklace with beads and an amulet from Afghanistan. This necklace is too large for me to wear but with a little bit of bravery and the right outfit beneath, it could look pretty great.

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The hollow silver men are very delicate so if you would like to clean them you must be very gentle. There is a great collection of zoomorphic greenstone amulet beads from Mexico on this 16 inch necklace. The central bead is a 7-layer chevron, 3/4 inch long and 5/8 in diameter. This is an antique well over 100 years old, and I believe it came from Japan. In Candombl each person has their own individual spirit god or orisha.

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