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Gti treffen 2014 kosten

Then we conquered half the world but that did not give us any superior feelings at all, we are a Calvinistic people. I hated the way my mother cooked and vomited more than I ate.

Actually we feel guilty about the fact that slavery was a Dutch invention. I am sure there is no Italian who would say the same thing. They say that Italy has no need for promoting their country since it is known all over the world for the best products anyway. 'It's a shame that we allow Mac Donalds to be there while we have the best food in the world', Mauro says.

In particular the cotecchino con lenticchie prepared by Christina. Mijn dorp wordt elke dag iets leger totdat, eind deze week, alle niet autochtonen weg zijn. De onderwerpen bij het aperitief worden dan weer de politiek en de net begonnen voetbalcompetitie.

Een andere dorpsgenoot gaat 's zomers elke dag naar het strand.The next day, the eating is to be continued since all the food brought to the party the day before is usually so abundant that there is always enough left for another dinner together.So yesterday we sat down again at the tables at our bar and enjoyed the same dishes as the night before which tasted even better.We have these discussions on the terrace of our local bar during the apiritivo, after 5 o'clock. 'But Mc Donalds is a big sponsor which people from all over this planet know and enjoy. 'True but only American companies made it that big business.'Italy is losing it. Chinese state owned companies get their fingers inside Italian icons like Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank which was in operation 20 years before Columbus discovered the new world.Name me one Italian chain company inside or outside of Italy? Historical products are counterfitted all over the world as well as in Italy itself.

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Een gevoel dat ik in de grote stad nooit heb mogen ondervinden.