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Shattered Dreams Fulfilled will have its original conclusion in spite of S11. With Derek safely back in Seattle, Meredith and Derek attempt to return to normalcy, in the EYE OF THE STORM. If Meredith had been more resistant to her mother's negative opinion of her and if she had met Derek before he was married to Addison or even engaged to her, it would have changed everything. How will Derek react and will they get back together? In the weeks following "Flight," Meredith remembers her sister and tries to come to terms with her death. Single parent Meredith Grey from Seattle meets divorced parent Derek Shepherd from NYC.

Meredith Grey is a badass, tough-as-nails attending working at Seattle Grace Hospital. This book covers 5 years of time with lots of flashbacks. When a tragedy happens, Derek moves his children to Seattle. However, Meredith doesn't want to swallow her pride and open her heart to love again.

These are the days lost in 11x22, the days that were beautiful enough to save her life. Mer Der It's time for Meredith's fellowship interviews. AU Based on Norah Ephron's movie Sleepless In Seattle. Her friend died, her boyfriend cheated on her and to make things worse, Izzie called a radio station and had her life exposed to the entire country.

It been almost eight years since she had last seen Derek, and since he left her broken hearted. Derek Shepherd, a New York neurosurgeon, also listened to the show and ever since he can't take Meredith out of his mind. After Derek asks his best friend Meredith to be the 'best man' at his wedding, some events occur that might insure the failure of his impending nuptials and might change his life for the worse.

How would the lives of the employees of Seattle Grace Hospital be changed if Prom (2x27) ended a little differently? An AU story that took place when Derek isn't speaking with Meredith after she messed up with his clinical trial. MER/ADDIE/(CRIS) Friendship MERDER pairing LAST CHAPTER IS UP! But there are always consequences, no matter how pure your intentions are.

From then on Carolyn Shepherd promises to take care of the lonely girl. Set four years after Ever Ever After and contains many flashbacks on the four years in between.

After that, it's her son who promises the same thing for eternity. *Should read Ever Ever After before reading this one.

Cristina and Meredith met in the first year of med school. Derek and Meredith really need to find a way back to one another. Her and her best friend fly across the country in hope to find happiness. Meredith has a stalker that will stop at nothing to gain his prize: her. And who knows, you never know where life will take us.

This is about their bumpy road, accepting the mistakes they have both made and finding a way to accept them and move on from them so they can be stronger people as well as being a stronger couple. But in order to find happiness she must get over the anger that resides inside her. How does this change each of their individual journeys, and who do they meet along the way? AU Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen/Burke, Izzie/Alex, George/Lexie/Mark, Cal/Az AU When Meredith Grey broke up with the love her life in college she never expected to see him again. Meredith and her best friends Addison and Cristina just moved to Seattle.

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This is the story of finding a family, of growing up, of forgiveness, of falling in love, of ferry boat scrub caps, and of Dream Houses. The problem is, he doesn't like the picture he sees.