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How much did Alex Haley protect Malcolm X when he ghosted his autobiography?

To what extent did Ted Sorensen create the verbal manner of John F. Lovecraft ghosted for Harry Houdini not the best things he ever wrote?

I asked him if he had a working title yet and he said, to laughter, ‘Yes.

“Ban This Book: From Swedish Whores to Pentagon Bores.’ It was interesting to see how he parried with some notion of himself as a public figure, as a rock star really, when all the activists I’ve ever known tend to see themselves as marginal and possibly eccentric figures.

Jamie said that Assange had poked his eye with a log or something, so had sat through three hours of discussion with his eyes closed. We talked about the deal and then Jamie went into detail about the security issues.

‘I’m always trying to think of new ways to wake him up,’ she said. It’s the only way.’ He soon came padding into the room in socks and a suit.‘I’m sorry I’m late,’ he said.

He was amused and suspicious at the same time, a nice combination I thought, and there were few signs of the mad unprofessionalism to come.

I told Jamie that I’d seen Assange at the Frontline Club the year before, when the first Wiki Leaks stories emerged, and that he was really interesting but odd, maybe even a bit autistic. ‘He wants a kind of manifesto, a book that will reflect this great big generational shift.’ He’d been to see Assange in Norfolk and was going again the next day.

He said he and the agent Caroline Michel had suggested me for the job and that Assange wanted to meet me.

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Ellingham Hall is a draughty country residence with stags’ heads in the hall. Sarah Harrison, Assange’s personal assistant and girlfriend, was wearing a woolly jumper and kept scraping her ringlets off her face.

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