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George luttrell varnell dating website

Yeager's flying career spans more than 60 years and has taken him to every corner of the globe, including the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War.

, 1923, to farming parents Susie Mae and Albert Hal Yeager in Myra, West Virginia, and graduated from high school in Hamlin, West Virginia, in June 1941.

Then he proceeded to tie off the leg with a spare shirt made of Parachute silk.

Despite a regulation prohibiting "evaders" (escaped pilots) from flying over enemy territory again, the purpose of which was to prevent a second capture from compromising resistance groups, Yeager was reinstated to flying combat.

He was awarded the Bronze Star for helping a B-24 Navigator "Pat" Patterson, whose leg was shot in the knee during the escape attempt, to cross the Pyrenees.

He was also one of the first American pilots to fly a Mi G-15, after its pilot, No Kum-sok, defected to South Korea.On the day of the flight, Yeager was in such pain that he could not seal the X-1's hatch by himself.Ridley rigged up a device, using the end of a broom handle as an extra lever, to allow Yeager to seal the hatch.He was worried that the injury would remove him from the mission and reported that he went to a civilian doctor in nearby Rosamond, who taped his ribs.Yeager told only his wife, as well as friend and fellow project pilot Jack Ridley, about the accident.

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