Free phone numbers for granny dating

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Free phone numbers for granny dating

Why not go online and see if any such actually sent pics of themselves."Find one near you and help with her fantasies and fetishes." Gerry was highly amused.Slowly at first then quicker and quicker until she hissed through closed mouth and shook as a first orgasm hit her.Gerry was a bit disappointed; he had anticipated more.Fat, thin, big tits, little arses, and as wide a variety of erotic poses as you could wish for. Her bio said she was 65, divorced and liked alternative fun. But it was what she was wearing that really gripped him. The upper half was just big enough to cover the nipples of the massive mounds of flesh, hanging down over the top of her bare stomach, which in turned ballooned over the lower part of the bikini, hiding most of it Her location was about 15 miles away, near enough to travel, not too near for him to be known.Using the 'reply' option, and without really thinking about it, Gerry sent a message. I'm male, 30 years of age, unattached, living 15 miles from you, and would like to help you with your fun." A week passed, and although Gerry checked his messages every day, there was no response.

The straps of the bikini top were digging into her shoulder flesh as hey supported the weight of those huge, dangling tits, which swayed at every movement. The woman heaved herself onto the couch, and spread her flabby legs wide, so her heels hung over the couch sides.

"Ah, well, just another fake advertising site," he thought.

"Or, it may be an old entry and she might be dead already! A week later, Gerry decided to have one last look at his messages, and there it was.

"And bring that tube of gel and those latex gloves as well." Gerry did as she asked.

The first box was about 12 inches square and 2 inches deep.

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This amused Gerry, did she see herself as a Bond Girl? The bungalow where Red Bikini woman lived was up a farm track, and to say the least was about as run-down as a house can be without actually falling down.