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I have often thought about this, but never had I imagined Samantha would be the first to encourage me.Samantha loved seeing me suck on Tommy’s cock, and was having huge orgasms just thinking about me sucking on another man’s manhood, eating his cum and loving it.She held it for a while, making circles around my wet ass, and that felt so good!

She moved her hand up and started rubbing my balls, and it felt so damn good, before moving her hand further down where she began to circle my asshole!

I have a girlfriend, her name is Samantha and just 2 months ago she got me into sucking on her workmate Tommy’s cock. She and I knew that I was not gay, I loved women, and I loved fucking them, but there was something in male’s cock I couldn’t resist.

Well, it was actually a small episode, and I didn’t expect it to happen again. Following Samantha’s fetish at making me blow her work friend Tommy, she decided it was time I moved to the next step, and fucked with a man.

You know, sucking a cock is one, but taking it in the ass is another, so I anticipated with all I was worth.

I returned from work tired, but I could swear that Samantha has prepared something for me and this something was gonna blow my mind and wouldn’t let me getting any rest tonight!

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Then she began thrusting forwards, pushing the head of the plastic into me.

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