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Flirt classifieds

Rose can also give a tour of The Cosmopolitan’s extensive art collection.But what distinguishes Rose from other chatbots is her sassy attitude, say her creators.“He takes photographs of people and digitally manipulates them to create pixilated images, which is then reconstructed in a variety of mediums like coins, dice and beads,’’ Rose texts the reporter who is inspecting the work.“I think this is quite fitting for Vegas, don’t you agree?Tropical plants such as bougainvillea and hibiscus should be covered with burlap if threatened, and so should young citrus trees, said Dave Provost, manager of Morris Nursery in Riverbank.Mid-30 nights actually help the area’s vast expanses of fruit and nut trees, which need several hundred “chilling hours” to prepare for the bloom in late winter and spring.

“We are trying to get personal with the guests.” The Cosmopolitan worked with digital marketing agency R/GA Chicago over eight weeks to create the concept for Rose.

Her personality fits perfectly well with The Cosmopolitan’s image of being “sexy,” said Mehmet Erdem, an associate professor at UNLV’s Hotel College.

After letting Rose inform about food, beverage and swimming options at the hotel, a reporter tested her ability to give a guided tour of The Cosmopolitan’s avant-garde art collection.

But when the reporter replies that he would like to buy flowers, Rose is unable to help and tells the reporter to call the concierge.

When asked a question in Russian, Rose remains silent.

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The Cosmopolitan launched Rose this week with a soft rollout to select guests. Strip hotels like The Cosmopolitan and Wynn are striving to maintain their leading position by introducing the latest technologies in the hospitality sector.