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Directed by Ju Iio Medem (Tierra, The Red Squirre I) from a screenp Iay by Medem and Michel Gaztambide, Vacas stars Carmelo Gómez (Tierra, The Red Squirre I), Emma Suárez (Ju Iieta, The Red Squirre I), Ana Torrent (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Karra EIejalde (Tierra).Director Medem is immeasurab Iy aided by cinematographer Car Ies Gusi (El Niño), whose camera captures the Iush foliage of the Basque countryside and cocoon-like farmhouse interiors, successfully recreating a bygone era.Midnight The Mystery Squad and the Artful Dodger The Mystery Squad and the Dead Man's Message The Mystery Squad and the Whistling Teeth Naufragi! Nedime - Die Tochter des Kaliphen One Step Beyond Out of the Pit #1 Out of the Pit #2 OVNI 54-40 Paranoia Player Handbook Penjelajah antariksa Perdido en el Amazonas Planets in Peril Podzemno carstvo The Polar Bear Express Poltergeists, Ghosts and Psychic Encounters La Poltrona n. Die Rache der Regenbogendrachen Rahasia rumah terkutuk Rahasia rumah terkutuk Rebel Spy El regne subterrani Return of the Undead The Revenge of Labyrinthon RIM, The Rebel Robot Robot Race Runesword!30 Prisionero de las hormigas Pygmy Island Pyramidernas hemlighet Qui va matar H. La ruta de los piratas Sabotage Sail with Pirates Sam, Cars and the Cuckoo Die Säulen von Pentegarn Save the Three Pigs Das Schloß des Wahnsinns Scorpion Swamp (original) Search for Dinosaurs Secret Cargo The Secret of 13 The Secret of the Knight's Sword Secret of the Knights The Secret Treasure of Tibet El secreto de las pirámides El secreto de los caballeros Secrets of the Lost Island The Seven Serpents (original) The Seven Serpents (American edition) The Shadow Stealers Shadowkeep The Shamutanti Hills (American edition) The Sicilian Contract The Siege of the Dragonriders Slave Trader Snakedance Sneak Behind Enemy Lines A Solitaire Adventure (original) A Solo Adventure Sorpresa a Mezzogiorno Space Age Terrors!The Scavengers Sea of Mystery Sorcerer's Apprentice #12 Sorcerer's Apprentice #9 / #10 Tails of the Expected El tercer planeta de Altair Thief for Hire Ton nom de code est Jonas Tower of Indomitable Circumstance Treasure of Unicorn Gold An Unearthly Child Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?Wild Ride You Against the System: The SF Expansion and Solitaire Gaming The Abominable Snowman Alien Star #7 Ares #12 Avonture onder die see Avventure nell'isola Basic Role-Playing (third edition) Buffalo Castle (reissue) The Cardinal's Snuffbox The Case of the Stolen Computer Brains The Castle of No Return Cats and Dragons Cosmic Encounters Craven House Horrors (American edition) Creatures of the Dark Curse of the Sunken Treasure The Dandee Diamond Mystery Dicing with Dragons (original) Die Geheim van Burgershof Different Worlds #21 Different Worlds #22 Doctor Who Crossword Book Dream Quest Dungeon of Dread Encyclopedia Brown Takes the Cake The Evil of Mr. Brohar's Bane (part 1 of 2) Büffelburg Can You Win the Pennant?The Lost Gold of Captain Quicksilver Lost in Slumberland Lost in Time The Lost Planet Lots of Boys Mafiaens røde rose La magia al revés The Magic of the Unicorn The Magic Path The Magician's Ring (original) The Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island Mahou setto [魔法セット] Mahou-tukai no oka [魔法使いの丘] (original) Maiden of Greenwold La maison hantée Les Maîtres des ténèbres Majutsushi [魔術師] Makai no chika meiro [魔界の地下迷宮] Man in Plate with Sword and Shield Man with Short Sword and Dagger Le manoir de l'enfer Le Marais aux scorpions The Marathon Race Mystery Marco Polo The Master of Mazes (original) Matka meren alla The Maze and the Magic Dragon Maze: Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle Mechanon Mendrags Ruf Le Mercenaire de l'espace Mind Bandits The Mind Master The Mind of Evil Mine of Torments The Mines of Malagus Miss Agatha Phudd in Murder at Motley Manor The Missing Money Mystery The Missing Rock Star Caper El misteri de Chimney Rock O mistério da múmia desaparecida El misterio de Chimney Rock El misterio de la Atlántida El misterio de la casa embrujada y siete casos má El misterio de las galletas de chocolate y ocho casos más El misterio de los mayas El misterio del fraude en el maratón y siete casos más O misterio do diamante Dandi O misterio do piao magico Il Mistero delle Croci Egizie Il Mistero di Capo Spagna Money Never Bleeds Monsters of the Marsh La montaña de los espejos Moons of Mystery Morgan Swift and the Kidnapped Goddess Morgan Swift and the Treasure of Crocodile Key Mr.

Space Olympics Space Patrol Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom Spell of the Winter Wizard A Stage Set for Love Starship Traveller (original) Starstruck Staying Alive Stormbringer Companion Summer in the Sun Summer Love The Super Trail Bike Race Superman: The Man of Steel (American edition) T*A*C*K Into Danger Talisman of Valdegarde Terminus Time-Flight Timelost The Tomb of Amenosis Tortured Souls #1 Tortured Souls #2 Trapped in the Black Box Tu clave es Jonás Underground Kingdom Viaje bajo el mar Viaje por las galaxias The Video Avenger Villains of Volturnus The Visitor from Outer Space Voyage sous les mers The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (American edition) Woman in Power Politics Woman in Scale with Sword and Shield Woman Up the Corporate Ladder Wow! You Are the Coach: Basketball (paperback) You Are the Coach: Basketball (hardback) You Are the Coach: Football (paperback) You Are the Coach: Football (hardback) You Are the Coach: Hockey (hardback) You Are the Manager: Baseball (hardback) You Are the Star of a Muppet Adventure Das Abenteuer beginnt!

(British edition) House of Hell (original) The House of Hell How to Map How to Wake a Sleeping Beauty L' Ile du roi Lézard Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba Inferno Instant Millionaire Island of Fear The Island of Illusion Island of the Lizard King (original) Jason's First Quest Je codenaam is Jonas Jeux et Stratégie (février-mars 1984) Les joies perdudes de Nabooti Journey to Stonehenge Journey to Vernico 5 Jungle Adventure Jungle Quest Justice League of America Der Kampf der Zwerge Keep Tomorrow for Me Kerry's Dance Kharé - Cityport of Traps (original) Kidnapping Kinda King's Quest Ko je ubio Harloa Trombija?

Le Labyrinthe de la mort Labyrinthon Lady of the Winds Lathan's Gold Little Duck Finds a Friend Little Owl Leaves the Nest Little Pig's Birthday Little Rabbit's Baby Sister Livsfarligt rally Lizard Man with Scimitar and Buckler The Lone Wolf Adventures Lorong waktu The Lost Wizard Maelstrom The Magic Top Mystery The Malifestro Quest (British edition) The Man of Gold Map of the Kingdom: Allansia, The Land of Fighting Fantasy Más allá del espacio Mawdryn Undead Meer der Rätsel The Melting Pot: An Adventure in New York Mencari atlantis Més enllà de l'espai Middle-earth Role Playing (first edition) Midnight at Monster Mansion Midnight on Dagger Alley Million Dollar Gamble Mindbenders Mission of the Secret Spy Squad Mission to Microworld Misteri a la mansió de l'ocell mofeta El misteri del diamant dandi El misterio de la casa de piedra Mona is Missing The Monster Family El monstruo de la laguna La Montagne des miroirs Moon Dragon Summer Mountain Survival El museo encantat The Mystery of the Highland Crest The Mystery of the Missing Mummy The Mystery Squad and Mr.

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Set in Spain's Basque Country, Vacas (Cows) tel Is of a bitter riva Iry and a decades-old feud between three generations of the Mendi Iuze and lriguibel families, stretching from the Third Car Iist War through the Spanish Civi I War.

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El abominable hombre de las nieves L'abominable home de les neus Accept the Royal Challenge Al encuentro de los dinosaurios Alien The Amulet of the Salkti The Android Invasion Angie's Choice Attack of the VIPER L'atteratge forcos Aventures a la jungla Avui tu ets l' estrella de la televisió The Aztecs Baddas sten The Ballerina Mystery Balonom do Sahare Barbarian with Two-handed Sword Der Berg der Spiegel Beyond the Wall of Tears Black Dragon's Curse Blade of the Young Samurai Borbarads Fluch Brain Teasers and Mind Benders Brohar's Bane (part 2 of 2) Brontosaurus Moves In Das Buch der Abenteuer De burcht chaos Die Burg der Ungeheuer Die Burg des schwarzen Drachen The Bytes Brothers Compute a Clue The Bytes Brothers Enter the Evidence The Bytes Brothers Input an Investigation The Bytes Brothers Program a Problem The Bytes Brothers Record a Wrongdoing Camp-Out on Danger Mountain Captif d' Yvoire Captive Planet La casa encantada The Case of the Clever Marathon Cheat The Case of the Robot Warriors El castell prohibit El castillo prohibido Castle in the Clouds The Castle of Darkness (British edition) The Castle of Doom The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 1: The Champion The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 2: The Quest The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 3: The Demon Road The Castle of Lost Souls, Part 4: The Evil Eye The Cavern of Doom (British edition) The Caverns of Kalte Caverns of the Snow Witch (original) Caverns of the Snow Witch Challenge of the Pegasus Grail Champions: Third Edition Chateau du Buffle Chronicles 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight The Citadel of Chaos The Citadel of Chaos: Software Pack La citadelle du chaos La Cité des voleurs City of Thieves (American edition) Civil War Secret Agent Cold Drake Les Colonnes de Pentergarn Conan and the Prophecy Conan the Outlaw Conan the Undaunted Condamné au dénuement Conquest at Quendor Conspiracy of Blood Convoy The Cosmic Funhouse La cova del temps Craven House Horrors (British edition) Crazy Computers Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer Crunch #3 Crypt of the Vampire (original) The Crypts of Terror Cursa vers el passat The Curse of Batterslea Hall Danger on Ice Dangermouse Annual 1985 Deathtrap Dungeon (American edition) Deathtrap Dungeon (original) The Den of Dragons Dentro del OVNI 54-40 Different Worlds #36 Dinosaur Adventure The Dominators Le Donjon de l'effroi Dr.

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