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Once finished configuring the gateways for the different WAN connections, the Net Balancer may be activated.

It will perform load balancing for all Internet connections starting immediately.

The purpose of this document is to describe the creation of a router to access a network that uses multiple Internet connections in order to balance the outgoing LAN demand and to obtain network access redundancy, managing fault situations for one or multiple lines.

To reach our objective, we shall use the Net Balancer module by Zeroshell.

The assignment of a certain type of traffic may be manually overridden, based on proper criteria (source IP, destination IP, TCP/UDP ports, ...); Failover: only one shows an active link (the one with the highest weight value among those that are not at Fault).

The other are kept as Spare, ready to operate in case the active connection is interrupted.

In other words, if at a given point in time there is only one LAN user making only one TCP connection (e.g.

On the other hand, if the gateway is a modem, we must physically connect it to the Zeroshell box via Ethernet in case of PPPo E, or via USB in case of 3G mobile connection, and create the Point-to-Point interface respectively from [Setup][Network][New PPPo E] or [Setup][Network][New 3G Modem].

In practice, the modem will be automatically assigned a Point-to-Point interface of type ppp0, ppp1, ...

The Net Balancer may be set to operate in one of the following two modes to regulate which connection must be selected to satisfy a specific Internet request: Load Balancing and Failover: The Internet access requests are automatically balanced based on the weight (Weight Value) of each gateway.

In case a gateway is damaged, it is excluded from automatic balancing to avoid loss of IP packets.

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The order the Net Balancer follows to activate a gateway depends on weight value.

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