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Then when I ask to see video surveillance they said they do not have any.When I asked the management team to try to retrieve my wallet which had 0 cash along with all my credit cards and identification they said they don’t have the right to ask their employees if they took it.Our waitress was excellent, the atmosphere was great. Now my husband says we can never go back to any Chillies again. they gave me a empty box ,swear to god ..5hen while my husband is carrying our daughter out so she don’t fall again he almost falls catches himself on the wall and cash register , I am just in I have never ever had such a bad dinner experience like this in my life the manager or server did not seem as concerned or apologetic as they should have been all the other guest were more than they were that s sad I live chili’s in Pittsburg great food ,but never ever again will we go back to uniontown chili’s ,it was unacceptable ,very !

If my property is not retrieved, or proper compensation reimbursed, I will be taking this matter further to Illegal level, obtain attorneys and press charges if need be. Diane Gragg Reply The server Kaitlyn in the Deptford Nj Chili’s was unsociable rude and made inappropriate comments…waited for 25 minutes before I had to put my empty drink out to the end to get her attention…she finally came I explained we had not rec’d our salad or chili…very rudely said” I’ll check ” no apology…

Chili’s Grill & Bar’s first location opened in 1975 in Dallas, Texas by Larry Lavine.

Lavine’s concept was an informal atmosphere with an extensive hamburger menu.

He left and returned shortly saying he told his manager and she was comping our meal. Thank you and them for assisting us during this time.

Reply I was eating at the Notomas, Sacramento location on Truxel Rd.

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Collins from visiting my brother in a nursing home in Denver, We just finished placing our order when we were notified that he had passed.

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