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David feldmar dating

Just over a year ag, something else almost happened that we thought would kill Dad: It appeared Hilary Clinton would be elected President. But seriously, after long visits at the hospitals, we'd sit around and wonder how the hell Dad could fight through a failing heart and kidneys, digestive tract issues, broken bones, pneumonia..with courage and still managing to make those around him smile.His inner strength and love for his family kept him going.Jeanette I am so grateful for all the memories I have with you; playing golf, dinners, weddings, unfortunately funerals too.You have always been an icon of strength and resilience throughout your life and I have always admired your optimism and your "Peter Pan" outlook of growing older.They are all amazing boys and will live their lives inspired by their Papa. The kind that usually kills a person or leaves them severely disabled. Through arduous physical therapy and determination, Dad regained his speech and most of his physical capabilities.But the stroke lead to other ailments and he would be limited the past few years of his life.Whether it was putting in long nights at the office to climb the corporate ladder, planning family vacations, driving me around early Sunday mornings to help me with my paper route, listening to Chris loudly practice drums each night, or chasing boys away that were after my sister, he always put his family first.

Words cannot express my sadness and the feeling I am going through.

Dad credited his military experience for providing structure and sense of accomplishment in his life.

When he returned from the Army, he found a career in the Insurance industry.

From the moment they were married, Dad wanted to expand that love and start a family.

In fact, my brother Chris was born just 10 months after their wedding.

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We were foolish to worry about him, because even though his world was shattered, he possessed an inner strength unmatched by anyone I've ever met. The bonds he had with Chris and Elena, Michele and Gerrit, me and Josephine and his brother Lou, became even stronger.

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