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Your on-going use of the AMS Group website represents your agreement to these terms and conditions.AMS Group’s provision of services are covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act.More information can be provided by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.As a user of the AMS Group website you warrant that you have provided complete, accurate and current personal or business information.AMS Group provides training services with reasonable care and responsibility and with skill, fit for purpose.

These are your credits and support your evidence of completion of unit standards and qualifications.Courses are updated as information comes to hand including the availability of spaces.While every effort is made to ensure that errors are omitted these may arise from time to time.As an NZQA accredited Private Training establishment (PTE) Provider Number 7252.AMS Group registers NZQA Credits on behalf of the Student. NZQA Credits are based on the credits available on a specified unit standard completed as part of a course.

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This is specified with each course and again in the registration summary page and confirmation of registration.