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Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels have shelled civilian areas, used banned antipersonnel mines in at least six governorates, blocked and looted humanitarian convoys, and sent increasing numbers of child soldiers to the front lines.has literally fueled the Saudi bombing campaign for more than two years.The Arabian peninsula is an archaeological jewel, according to St John Simpson, a senior curator at the British Museum in London.“It has one of the highest densities of archaeological sites and a very long history of urban civilisation with ancient infrastructure, palaces and temples.” “It’s almost a joke the rate at which we are discovering sites – it’s hard to convey just how much we are recovering,” says Michael Fradley of EAMENA.Instead of escalating the war, the United States should help end it — and the sooner the better, for millions of Yemenis and America’s reputation in the Middle East.Two years of conflict have wreaked havoc on Yemen’s population and devastated the country’s infrastructure.

No civilian target has been off-limits; Saudi warplanes have bombed schools, hospitals, medical clinics, weddings, funerals, and even refugee camps.Bewley says that satellite imagery – which can pick up signs of digging – has shown little evidence of looting so far.“Looting tends to occur in the immediate post-conflict situation when ceasefires start to be enforced and border controls start to be lifted,” says Simpson.“To be effective, however,” it says, “no-strike lists should be made available to military operation planners, and especially targeting experts, who must be willing – or convinced – to incorporate the information into their targeting plans.” Anna Paolini, director of UNESCO’s regional office in Doha, Qatar, says that UNESCO sent a list of World Heritage sites to the coalition when war broke out, and reminded them of their obligations under the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict.“It’s really difficult to say whether it has had any effect,” she says.

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The civil war in Yemen went all but unmentioned during President Trump’s recent visit to the Middle East, crowded out by speeches about terrorism and promises to sell the Saudis up to $110 billion worth of weapons.