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In fact, in a recent study by Dashlane, it was found that there are websites that offer one letter passwords, which is basically an invitation for hackers to attack their accounts and steal user’s information.

The research consisted of examining 24 of the most popular dating websites around the world.

We deeply regret any inconvenience this causes any of our users.

But the surprising thing is that other dating websites haven’t learned the lesson from this attack.

"The unencrypted nature of the sensitive information would arguably make this the worst breach of 2013," Wisniewski wrote.

"While Adobe lost 150 million records, they had at least protected the user account information with encryption, albeit incorrectly." Keith Wagstaff writes about technology for NBC News.

Surprisingly, only seven of them passed the security screening.

Those seven were Christian Mingle, OK Cupid, Black People Meet, Outime, Adoptuen mec and Zoosk.

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The Australian-based Cupid Media, which owns more than 30 niche dating sites such as Asian and and Brazilian, has disputed that number, but admitted to Krebs that a breach did occur in January 2013. Because 42 million is one of the largest breaches to happen this year, made worse by the fact that the exposed passwords were stored as plain text.

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