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In 1944, when winners were paid in war bonds, Mc Spaden won ,855.He claimed to have cleared less than 0 when he cashed them in.Cape Cod was initially just the point of land at the tip of the peninsular due to the many cod fish that the original explorers found the feeding off of Stellwagens Bank, one of the islands that submerged about 5,000 years ago.Erosion, the natural forces of wind, water, and time, continues its process.

Perhaps with our realization that we are merely tenants on this planet called Earth, it becomes an affirmation that we are all part of a much grander plan.We have maps and pictures as well as the evidence of foundations but is anyone alive that was eyewitness to tell us of its existence? That summit nowadays lies under at least six feet of water.There are historians to this day that think the mariners were fabricating tales when they talk about "Georges' Bank" because most of the island is under at least 180 feet of sea water.But years before Haughton and Dancer, between 19 Harold "Jug" Mc Spaden and Byron Nelson made 110 golfing exhibition appearances for the Red Cross and USO.Because of their consistent one-two finishes at these charity events they were together referred to as the "Gold Dust Twins." In the early 1960's there were another pair that was called the Gold Dust Twins only this time in football: Donny Anderson and Jim Grabowski.

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